Body Image Initiative

Tri Delta takes pride in an all-encompassing body image initiative that continues the work that Reflections started. Tri Delta launched BodyImage3D® in 2012 as a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education by focusing on healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit. BodyImage3D recognizes that a healthy body image includes more than just weight or size and that achieving the healthy ideal looks different for everyone. BI3D is not a certain date every year; it is an ongoing challenge that Tri Deltas think about and discuss every day.

Fat Talk Free Week is one week each fall where Tri Delta chapters across the country bring the issue of body image to their campuses. With the use of tabling, social media, and other educational events, Tri Deltas bring attention to the damaging impact of the “thin ideal” on women in society and focus on what real beauty truly is.